The Trouble with “Prepackaged Meal” Diets

I have an issue with the “diet industry” and the endless amount of commercials promising weight loss miracles. I am bombarded at every turn of the TV and the internet these days with these overrated claims that prey on people who are vulnerable and desperate. The trouble with “prepackaged meal” diets are that, in my humble opinion, they more or less hook the consumer into being a customer for life.  What happens when the consumer doesn’t consume the prepackaged meals any longer? They haven’t learned the fundamental skills they need to manage their own food intake, and most likely gain back fat. I believe in providing education on nutrition fundamentals, teaching our clients how nutrition works and fuels the body. Nutrition is the key, but exercise is also required to obtain and maintain long term results and health. If you’re not ready to commit to some level of physical activity, then as you age, sarcopenia will rob your body of lean muscle mass and fat will accumulate. Further, there is a huge difference between weight loss and fat loss. Weight loss implies loss of muscle and fat, which reduces a person’s Basal Metabolic Rate. Fat loss implies sparing or even development of lean mass while fat is burnt up for an energy source. Supplements are great, we sell some of the very best on the market and they can provide meaningful benefits particularly in accelerating results and breaking through plateaus. But without a solid foundation of a good nutrition plan and an exercise routine, these “weight loss miracles” promised by the diet industry give those of us truly concerned with helping people a black eye. So don’t be fooled by these gimmicks and avoid the trouble with “prepackaged meal” diets. Learn about nutrition and how to use food to fuel your body towards the results you desire.