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Nutrition & Running

Nutrition & Running: What You Need to Know!

Nutrition & Running: What type of pre, intra and post nutrition do you need for the sport of running? The answer is “It Depends!”. First, one must determine what type of running are you performing and what are your exercise goals. The nutrition required to train for a distance marathon is vastly different from the nutrition required by a runner looking to lose body fat. Without getting into a lengthy science lesson, let’s cover a couple basics that benefit all runners.

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Burn Fat Without Doing Cardio?

You want to burn fat without doing cardio? Hours upon hours on an elliptical or treadmill isn’t your idea of a fun workout? Well you are in luck! It is possible to burn fat without doing cardio. You just have to understand how the body works, where we get energy from and how to apply that knowledge to your lifestyle. You can certainly burn fat through proper nutrition, supplementation, strength training or better yet, all three! Continue reading