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Macronutrient Manipulation for Maximal Fat Loss

Fat loss! That is a topic that is on a lot of peoples’ minds who are working hard to have a more healthy physique. The basic facts are that calories out must be greater than calories in for your body mass to be reduced. But sometimes it’s much more difficult to obtain the right changes in body composition with such a simple approach. The timing of the the nutrients, the proportion of the macronutrients and the type of macronutrients can mean the difference between minimal results and truly stellar results. Macronutrient manipulation for maximal fat loss may be the missing element you need to realize significant changes in your composition. Continue reading

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Burn Fat Without Doing Cardio?

You want to burn fat without doing cardio? Hours upon hours on an elliptical or treadmill isn’t your idea of a fun workout? Well you are in luck! It is possible to burn fat without doing cardio. You just have to understand how the body works, where we get energy from and how to apply that knowledge to your lifestyle. You can certainly burn fat through proper nutrition, supplementation, strength training or better yet, all three! Continue reading