Nutrition & Running

Nutrition & Running: What You Need to Know!

Nutrition & Running: What type of pre, intra and post nutrition do you need for the sport of running? The answer is “It Depends!”. First, one must determine what type of running are you performing and what are your exercise goals. The nutrition required to train for a distance marathon is vastly different from the nutrition required by a runner looking to lose body fat. Without getting into a lengthy science lesson, let’s cover a couple basics that benefit all runners.

The post-exercise anabolic window – the 30 minutes or so immediately following exercise is the single most important window in an athlete’s day where proper nutrition is hypercritical. Realize that all exercise creates metabolic stress on the body which triggers numerous biological chain reactions including hormone production. Without recovery nutrition, the athlete will experience negative progression in performance.
Post exercise the athlete needs:
–  at minimum high glycemic carbohydrates to replenish lost glycogen stores
– amino acids from protein to repair damaged muscle cells
– vitamins and electrolytes to provide the ‘blueprints’ for the carbs and protein to be used properly.
To keep things simple – high glycemic carbohydrates include whole food like bananas, melon, honey, white bread, white rice, sugar, etc. Fast acting carbs reload depleted glycogen and spike insulin raising blood sugar to help flood muscles with nutrients.
Protein needs to be immediately available for use without added digestion. An ideal post-exercise protein is a whey hydro-isolate protein supplement mixed with water, juice or other liquid of your choice. The amino acids will ‘ride along’ with the insulin blood sugar spike from the carbs and repair damaged muscles so you will be ready to exercise again!
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