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Max Muscle Sports Nutrition St Pete offers a variety of options to help you achieve your goals. Beyond our extensive product line, we offer customized nutrition plans, online & printed educational resources, and access to an online community with over 25,000 like-minded individuals just like you!


Max Muscle has meal planning services for everyone. Keep count of your calorie, carb, protein, sodium, and fat intake on a month to month basis with the help of our nutritional experts at Max Muscle St. Pete.

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With over 25,000 members, myMAXMUSCLE is a great place to get motived and accomplish your personal goals.

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Max Sports & Fitness offers a variety of resources both online & as a publication for pick-up at our Max Muscle St Pete location.

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“The owner was there Eric and he is great. I had lots of questions and he answered them all. I am on the Maxx tor product which is awesome I have lost weight and body fat with it.

I even called when I got home because I had a couple more questions and was patient and encouraging. Its a great Max muscle store in a great location…”

– T. Morese

In October of 2013, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Eric Lawton who runs the Max Muscle shop in St. Pete. I was looking to find a new and better meal plan and possibly products that would not only give me options but also help me lose weight. He recommended two products at the start: CLA and Liqui-Carn. After about two weeks of using these products, I had lost 2 pounds, and was then excited because he offered to give me weeks’ worth of meal plans. Immediately, I saw changes not only in the inches I started to lose, but also in my energy level. Basically, I learned when to eat certain foods, certain combinations of foods, and that eating more was actually the best way to restart my metabolism and lose weight! I followed the plans exactly, learned how to portion out the food, and realized this was so much healthier than what I’d ever done in the past. So far, I have lost 7 pounds and dropped 2 sizes! I’m convinced that it was the combination of meal plans and products that Eric recommended which got me to this point. I’d been dieting off and on for 10 years, but the scale had not moved much. Now when I get on the scale, I’m excited and motivated to continue.”

– Angela Ratter