When Should I Drink Protein

When Should I Drink Protein?

If you are attempting to build muscle mass, it’s important to know when to drink protein. While there are many aspects to building muscle, the consumption of protein is one of the most important. If you’re a body builder, you already know that it’s of great importance to consume a protein shake after you complete a workout. However, this is not the only time you should consider drinking protein.

It’s been said that drinking protein both before and after a workout is good for your body, but experts believe that drinking it prior to working out is more beneficial to your body. The amino acids in your protein are best explained as having the same function as gasoline for your vehicle. You don’t wait to put gas in your car until you’re out and your car will no longer run. You put gas in prior to running out so that you can go longer distances in your vehicle.
Amino acids work the same way. They are fuel for the muscles in your body. By consuming them prior to a workout, you can work your muscles harder and with a more strenuous workout.

Additionally, studies also show that once you digest protein it helps you to burn more calories. Typically, after consuming protein your body can burn more calories for a 24-hour period of time. The final reason you should drink your protein prior to your workout is because you will experience fewer muscle aches and cramps once your workout is over. This is called the carryover effect. The protein in your muscles will stay elevated for as many as three hours post-workout, making you feel better and stronger during this period of time.

Burn More Fat

If you’re attempting to build more muscle while also on a low carb diet, you might benefit even more from drinking protein prior to your workout. The low level of glycogen in your body will burn more fat when you drink a protein shake prior to a workout. This means you’ll lose more weight, burn more fat, and build more muscle all at once.

While there’s nothing wrong with drinking your protein shake post-workout, there’s a great deal more benefit to drinking it prior to your workout. Consider this the next time you get ready to hit the gym.

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