Nutrition & Running

Nutrition & Running: What You Need to Know!

Nutrition & Running: What type of pre, intra and post nutrition do you need for the sport of running? The answer is “It Depends!”. First, one must determine what type of running are you performing and what are your exercise goals. The nutrition required to train for a distance marathon is vastly different from the nutrition required by a runner looking to lose body fat. Without getting into a lengthy science lesson, let’s cover a couple basics that benefit all runners.

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Keys to Successful Health Resolutions

Keys to Successful Health Resolutions!

This is the time of year when many people resolve to become more healthy. But what exactly does that mean? And more importantly what are the keys to successful health resolutions? This blog will detail some suggestions to guide you towards reaching your goals if you are new to health and fitness. Continue reading

What is a Nutrition Coach?

As a NESTA Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, I am regularly tasked with helping clients develop comprehensive meal plans to accomplish goals ranging from fat loss to sports performance improvement. A Nutrition Coach is a resource to provide support, encouragement, education, guidance and tough love to help clients stay focused and on track to achieve their goals. Continue reading

The Variation Principle

The Variation Principle is a very well founded theory that suggests that regular minor changes in training regimes yield better gains in sports performance. Further, when coupled with the Overload Principle (gradual and progressive changes must occur for improvement to take place) accelerated adaptation can occur. Yet, when observing the athletic community at large at the local gym and the customers of nutritional supplement stores, I rarely see any application of the Variation Principle to training, nutrition or supplementation.

Which leads me to recall the adage that “the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over but expecting different results”. If you are making gains and progressing without injury doing what you’re doing, then by all means keep at it and congratulations! But if you have plateaued and are no longer making progress, maybe it’s time you try something different? Continue reading

Nutrition Mistakes

3 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes You’re Making

I regularly meet people who are looking to improve their results from training but find that many people are making nutrition mistakes that are undermining their progress. If you are making these common nutrition mistakes, change your approach immediately and start achieving better results from your work out sessions. Continue reading

The Trouble with “Prepackaged Meal” Diets

I have an issue with the “diet industry” and the endless amount of commercials promising weight loss miracles. I am bombarded at every turn of the TV and the internet these days with these overrated claims that prey on people who are vulnerable and desperate. The trouble with “prepackaged meal” diets are that, in my humble opinion, they more or less hook the consumer into being a customer for life.  Continue reading

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alcohol consumption and training

Alcohol Consumption and Dieting

If you are following a nutrition plan to lose body fat and build muscle, strength training and getting your needed rest, then you are on your way to having the body composition you’ve always wanted. This blog will explain to you the relationship between alcohol consumption and dieting. You probably know or recognize that alcohol consumption isn’t helpful for reaching your goals, but you may not know the extent to which alcohol consumption and dieting will interact. Continue reading


Protein Supplements

This is the time of year that there is an influx of people signing up for gym memberships, vowing to finally get fit and change their lifestyle for better health and wellness. For those that are interested in how to incorporate supplements into their fitness routine to optimize and enhance results, this blog is intended to help provide some basic science based information on supplements. Since there are multiple supplements, this installment will focus on protein supplements. Continue reading