alcohol consumption and training

5 Reasons Why Alcohol and Training Do Not Mix

There are 5 reasons why alcohol and training do not mix. Alcohol consumption while training for body recomposition should be avoided as progress will be minimized.

First, upon the initial consumption of alcohol, the liver will cease in the metabolism of fat. Once alcohol enters the blood stream, the liver must shift into detoxification mode therein stopping its other functions including fat metabolism. The liver is one of primary organs responsible for fat metabolism, so shutting down this fat burning engine is not helpful while training for a reduction in body fat or recomposition.

Second, alcohol is calorically dense, at 7 calories per gram it is second only to fat grams at 9 calories per gram. To compound the problem, alcohol offers no nutritional value for the 7 calories it provides in each gram. While training for body recomposition, one must maintain a caloric deficit, so the introduction of extra calories without nutritional benefit is counterproductive.

Third, alcohol is a diuretic which when consumed in excess, can lead to dehydration. When water levels in the body are low, all metabolic functions operate less effectively and efficiently. Staying fully hydrated is essential to the continues introduction of nutrients to cells and the elimination of cellular waste. Cellular function is critical for growth, repair and recovery from training.

Fourth, alcohol consumption in excess can lower inhibitions and induce food cravings. While your inhibitions are lowered, your willpower will drop and you will be more inclined to choose unhealthy food options. Cravings ensue due to personal tastes but often include fried, salty or sweets. The consumption of these high sugar, high sodium and high saturated fat foods while the liver is busy metabolizing the alcohol (also metabolized into sugar) translates to increased blood sugar levels and rapid fat storage.

Fifth, and the most concerning is the stoppage of protein synthesis that occurs once alcohol is introduced. This means the breakdown of the protein molecules into the building block amino acids and the subsequent uptake of the amino acids to the muscle cells to repair, rebuild, grow and recover shuts down. So pumping iron before hitting the beach and drinking all day may sound like a good idea, in actuality, detrimental to making gains in lean muscle mass.

As you can see there are 5 reasons why alcohol and training do not mix. This is particular true for persons who are working hard all week to make recomposition gains. A few drinks, while seemingly harmless, can easily undo all the good work put in the gym and at meal time. So while training for body recomposition, skip the booze and imbibe only after you have reached your goal and are in maintenance mode.