Nutrition Mistakes

3 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes You’re Making

I regularly meet people who are looking to improve their results from training but find that many people are making nutrition mistakes that are undermining their progress. If you are making these common nutrition mistakes, change your approach immediately and start achieving better results from your work out sessions.

Nutrition Mistake #1

Failing to consume a post work out recovery meal. The anabolic window occurs after your training session when a person’s body is primed and ready for nutrition to begin the repair, recovery and rebuilding process. Muscle glycogen stores are depleted and need to be replenished. Muscle cells need amino acids to repair and rebuild. Particularly effective, the branched chain amino acids, signal protein uptake and synthesis. Aim to consume 15 to 30 grams of high quality, bioavailable protein such as whey within 30 minutes of completing your training session. Combine the whey with high glycemic carbohydrates to spike insulin and increase the protein synthesis process. Don’t make this nutrition mistake, during this key window of opportunity.

Nutrition Mistake #2

Consuming fruit before an exercise session. I often ask people who train early in the day what they eat before exercise, and invariably they tell me a banana. Eating a high glycemic fruit such as a banana prior to training does not put your body in the optimal state for exercise, fat metabolism, etc. It spikes the body’s blood sugar, tells the body to store fat and can result in a mid workout sugar crash. For those folks who prefer to exercise on an empty stomach, or fasted, consume a mixture of branch chain amino acids prior to physical activity to preserve and protect valuable lean muscle. Move the fruit to the post workout recovery window and combine it with some bioavailable whey protein to supercharge your results. For those that prefer to have some food in the morning prior to exercise, try to consume a serving of lean protein and some low glycemic carbohydrates. An example would be egg whites with a slice of ezekial bread. Nutrition mistakes are easy to make, don’t fall into the trap.

Nutrition Mistake #3

By far, one of the worst nutrition mistakes you can make is not providing the body with fuel prior to bed to repair and rebuild damaged cells. I often hear, don’t eat after 8pm or it will turn to fat. That is not true, a person should not have high glycemic carbohydrates prior to bed, but a small snack of lean protein along with some quality healthy fat is an excellent way to give your body the fuel it needs to stay anabolic while you sleep. A protein shake, nuts, 2 to 3 ounces of lean chicken breast, low fat cottage cheese are all great before bed snacks to keep you fueled so you can recover to perform even better the following day. Don’t make this nutrition mistake by missing an opportunity to give your body the right building blocks during the key growth hormone window.