What’s in My Pre-Workout Drink?

Pre-workout drinks are a very specific and popular type of energy drink. But what’s in my pre-workout? And more specifically, do I need it and why?


The first category of ingredients are stimulants, with the main one being anhydrous (i.e. extracted from coffee beans without water) caffeine. Continue reading

3 Ways to Tone Your Abs Without Doing Crunches

If you still think that doing crunches alone will get you amazing abs, you’re in for a rude awakening. Flattening your belly requires multi-muscle exercises that target all the regions of your core—upper and lower abs, oblique’s, transverse abdominals, and lower back muscles. Further, you will need a good dose of fat burning cardio training along with the proper nutrition including appropriate calories and macronutrients at the right times to optimize your results. Using these methods, you will have a six pack in no time. If you have questions or need help planning your nutrition, comes see us, we can help!

If you’re bored with your sit-up routine, here are 3 effective moves to tone your midsection.

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Burn Fat Without Doing Cardio?

You want to burn fat without doing cardio? Hours upon hours on an elliptical or treadmill isn’t your idea of a fun workout? Well you are in luck! It is possible to burn fat without doing cardio. You just have to understand how the body works, where we get energy from and how to apply that knowledge to your lifestyle. You can certainly burn fat through proper nutrition, supplementation, strength training or better yet, all three! Continue reading